Our instruments are glued from vertical blocks of solid wood of highest quality. The amount of the adhesive applied between the individual blocks is negligible as a result of precise preparation of the contact areas. This highlights the musical properties of the material. The dry rough corpus is then machined to its round shape followed by preparation of skin seats and snare beds. After this, the instrument is manually sanded and impregnated with special oil and stained to a selected shade.
The surface finish of the instruments is very unique because we use only the highest quality Thai schelack for polishing. On the external side of the instrument, the schelack is applied by means of a traditional, labour intensive, method of high gloss polishing (French polishing). During this process, the instrument is repeatedly polished using a special scrubbing oil and pumice.
Using this technique, several hundreds of very thin layers of resin are applied on the surface of the instrument. The perfect schelack polish applied both, on the outside and the inside of the instrument, gives it a unique look and sound. The drilling for the mechanical attachments is carried out prior to the application of the last layer of the polish.